Services Offered

We are a Design and Build landscaping company in business over 15 years.

Our primary customer base is in Kentucky but we have served clients as far away as Charlotte, NC and Upstate SC. We serve locally Somerset, London, Berea and areas all around Lexington, Kentucky & Knoxville, Tennessee.

Water Gardens – Falling Water is So Romantic!

Waterfalls, streams, ponds, just-a-falls (pondless waterfalls) are the area where we are simply outstanding in our field. We are good landscapers, but we have won recognition for our water features.

We are happy to leave home for a few days and build that dream water garden at your mountain home or in your backyard in the city. Call us before you sign with anyone else if you are anywhere between Carolinas and Kentucky. We would like to meet with and design and quote your project. (We usually request a small charge to cover expenses of travel to meet with a prospect, but offer that back if we get the job.)

Custom Designs, Consultations

We carefully look at your home and yard, listen to your needs, and custom design a landscape that will work for you. Letting us know your budget amount helps us – we don’t want to design a $5000 project if the things you want have a $25000 value, nor do we want to design a twenty-five thousand dollar plan if you are able to spend only thirty-five hundred!

We will do paid consultations and designs as well, if you are at the stage where you want several ideas that you can pick from.  We offer free information and advice by email, and by phone when we can. Consultations and our drawings we generally have to charge something for these.

We often use unique and different plants while at the same time guaranteeing our work and that our trees and plantings will survive.  We can’t be the cheapest every time, be we can offer personal service and custom perspectives and years of experience.  Our work we want to look good in your yard for years to come, standing out from the crowd of other yards (in a good way).

Good Value, Skilled Craftsmanship, Willing to Work with You

We may not be the cheapest, but we certainly aren’t the most expensive. We offer good value. Call us for a second opinion even if you already have a quote. Our award-winning waterfalls and our lovely landscaping may be more affordable than you think. We invite you to call us if you want a water garden or landscape a cut above the crowd. We prefer the natural look, but can take the look you have in mind from a photo and duplicate the concept if you already know just what you want.

We love using edibles, incorporating natives, and forest gardening.  We try and respect the environment without being fanatical about it.

We put things in writing, collect a deposit, and run a business where we do what we love. We will try to structure your project in such a way to work within budget, or do part now and part later. We’ve even been known to barter if it will help make things happen so you can have that dream landscape.

We are offering our services to you.  Thank you for looking at our website.  Contact Us today!