Falling Water Is So Romantic!

As the world gets crazier by the day, when those in charge act more irresponsible than they used to, when those who govern haven’t a clue, when the rat-race has you all wound up and you scream “Let Me OFF!” then it may be time you got a waterfall for your place. If you can’t move to a big natural one, that is! waterfall 2

Nothing soothes the human spirit so much as the sounds of falling waters.

Ocean waves, big waterfalls, even a trickling little stream are so soothing, and so romantic. (I once let the most beautiful girl I ever dated get away after charming her at Cumberland Falls…either the water or me…well, to be honest, it was probably the water that was charming.)

We aren’t imagining things; scientific studies have verified waterfalls lower blood pressure, heart rates, result in improved test scores, and it’s even been proven waterfalls reduce crime.

I don’t want to bore anyone with trying to prove what it is about waterfalls that get us in a romantic mood, relax us, etc. I’d prefer to talk about all the weddings on the beach, by a waterfall, by a stream running through a mountain meadow, or even at a public fountain. I would rather we think about the waterfall at the park, motel, or even your backyard. The sounds splashing, rushing, falling water makes is really romantic.

Life is more cozy when sitting by a waterfall with someone you care about. One April missed that image, but the more tender of the human race have a weak spot for a walk, a cold drink, or a snuggle in the close proximity of a waterfalls.

Business decisions can be made more clearly with a waterfall. Realtors assist people to buy waterfront properties. Landscapers create waterfalls for people who already have the land but not the water. A prime property with a waterfeature is special.waterfall 1

Ponds and waterfalls may need a dead lily leaf or spent blossom removed, but this is a piece of cake compared to an equal portion of lawn that has to be mowed and cared for every week.

For the cost of a week in the mountains or on the beach, one could likely build a waterfall in the backyard and enjoy it daily for years to come!

Perhaps it’s time you thought about some falling water at your place? Your home paradise could be a lot more romantic, you know!