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Yards to Paradise is written by Max Phelps

Pawpaw: Forgotten Native Fruit

The fruit is a relative of the papaya, and is the largest fruit native in America. Found in rich bottom lands and at woods edges from Ontario to Florida, west to Texas and Nebraska; let’s take a fresh look at the forgotten pawpaw patch tree and it’s fruit. Historically enjoyed by natives and frontiersmen, pawpaws […]

Consider the Daylily

By Max Phelps In your landscaping, or in your flower or vegetable garden, consider the tough but lovely daylily. It’s versatile, comes in about every color but blue, and is super easy to grow. You should definitely consider growing this hardy perennial. The Latin for daylily is Hemerocallis. They are related to other lilies. Most […]

Landscaping Waterfalls, Streams & Ponds With Edibles

By Max Phelps Fruiting shrubbery and flowers can be used in landscaping a water feature just as easily as using traditional shrubs or grasses, and can look just as amazing. You’re going to landscape your waterfall and pond, so why not do it with edible trees, shrubs and groundcovers? Here are some that work well […]

Benefits of Water Features

Adding water to your home or office landscape adds the lovely and relaxing sounds of trickling or flowing water, but it brings so much more, too. The sounds of nature will become more recognizable and common. We all need water for survival–that includes the birds, dragonflies, bees and butterflies. Adding water helps the entire ecosystem […]

Boost Your Property Value With Landscaping

Landscaping adds from 12 to 28 percent to the value of a home, depending on whom you ask and also what part of the country you live in. Going from “fair” to “excellent” in the look of your landscape can make a twelve to fifteen percent difference in home price, and having a deficient landscape […]