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Yards to Paradise is written by Max Phelps

Sunken Gardens and Patios

Wooden fencing, tall hedges, or sometimes just staying indoors, are often ways folks deal with neighbors and the lack of real privacy in their own yard. You see decks where you’re perched up for everyone to view. Patios can be the same if not fenced or screened. To complicate this picture, add zoning or neighborhood […]

Hellebores for Happier Winters

When nothing else blooms, count on hellebores to brighten the cold days of winter in your yard or woods. This evergreen perennial is about as low maintenance a plant as you can have, and it is evergreen and blooms from December to April, depending on species. The most common is helleborus orientalis, commonly called Lenten […]

Enclosing Spaces–Creating Intimacy

Intimacy seems to be more and more crowded out of modern lives. Our new homes with so many gadgets, our constant interruptions by hand-held devices–how and where does one find intimate moments, not on public display? I hope to supply a few answers to this dilemma. A sprawling lawn has its’ appeal; however, a large […]