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Yards to Paradise is written by Max Phelps

Falling Water Is So Romantic!

As the world gets crazier by the day, when those in charge act more irresponsible than they used to, when those who govern haven’t a clue, when the rat-race has you all wound up and you scream “Let Me OFF!” then it may be time you got a waterfall for your place. If you can’t […]

Right Perennials for the Right Spot

Plants that look attractive and flower with little care, and return year after year. What you are thinking of are the perennials. Annuals and biennials can look super as well, but require more effort. Let us discuss selecting the right perennials for your spot. And we will also talk about how to make some perennial […]

Sunken Gardens and Patios

Wooden fencing, tall hedges, or sometimes just staying indoors, are often ways folks deal with neighbors and the lack of real privacy in their own yard. You see decks where you’re perched up for everyone to view. Patios can be the same if not fenced or screened. To complicate this picture, add zoning or neighborhood […]

Pines, Spruce, Firs and Cedars—Landscaping With Conifers

Almost anywhere in America one can look out a window or along the highways and see pine trees. Spruce, fir, hemlock, and cedars may also be in the picture. Junipers, arborvitae, taxus, and certain other trees are nice large evergreens, but are not cone bearing. And, technically, ginkgo is considered a conifer, though you wonder […]