Aquascapes, Pondscapes, Waterscapes: What All Do You Call a Pond?

And whom do you call if you want one? Waterfalls, streams, ponds and pondless waterfalls are all popular waterfeatures for the homeowner who wants a relaxing waterfall, just-a-falls, or a place to enjoy fish, frogs, butterflies and birds and other wildlife. A watergarden contractor will be more useful than a general contractor, landscapers or a grass cutting business. Adding water and musical sounds to your garden with a romantic waterfall is one of the most relaxing and also organic and sustainable practices…the water recirculates as a submersible pump that economically runs for years 24/7/365 powers the backyard pond in the yard or garden. Other options are rain gardens and dry creeks; guttering can create waterfalls when it rains.

Having been a certified aquascape contractor for five years, I’ve gone above and beyond simple tests of competence by having dozens and dozens of happy pond, waterfall and fountain customers. No beginner can hope to equal years of experience, and when Max Phelps and Rock Castles Landscaping contract to build your dream koi, goldfish, or frog pond, you will get the owner on the job, someone raised in Somerset and graduated University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Us ponders and waterfal builders or pondbuilders are a special creative breed of landscaper. We offer most landscaping abilities, with water and stone being our primary focus, along with plantings. And, we do encourage edible landscaping such as berry bushes and fruiting trees, herbs and a few vegetables that can be incorporated into a lovely landscape.

Product names and pond and watergarden manufacturers include some of the following: Atlantic Water Gardens, Russell Watergardens, Savio, Aquascapes, Little Giant, Oase, Beckett, EasyPro, Tsurumi, Matala, Greystone Creations, Premier Ponds, Amazon, Carlisle pondliners, Anjon, Wellspring, Alpine, The Water Garden in Chattanooga, Kentucky Ponds in Lexington, Smith Turf & Irrigation in Nashivlle, Knoxville, Greenville and Charlotte. There are many suppliers to the pond enthusiast. I highly recommend avoiding Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any high dollar pond store that will try to push what they have on you rather than trying to get the best equipment at the best price for you.

Where can you find some of our projects? Here are just a few: City Hall, London, Kentucky. Berea Cemetery, Berea, Kentucky, Crooked Creek in London, Kentucky. Also in these towns: Somerset, West Somerset, Nancy, Columbia, Stanford, Mt.Vernon, Corbin, McKee, Harlan, Richmond, Lexington, Georgetown, Winchester, Mt.Sterling, Irvine, Danville, Campbellsville and Nicholasville. Also, we have features in Tennessee in places such as Kingston, Knoxville, Newport, Johnson City and Unicoi. We have ponds or waterfalls in places in North Carolina also. Asheville, Mars Hill, Marion, Arden, Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Tryon, Lake Lure, Morganton, Shelby, Gastonia, Lincolnton, Boone, Taylorsville and Sparta.

If we cannot do a project you want, we do have connections; we’ve amassed a lot of business cards and phone numbers and also gotten to know many contractors and suppliers over the years. So, the intelligent thing is to at least let us look at and estimate your proposed project. We have lower overhead and can underprice many of the bigger companies, even if we have to travel and stay in a motel to do so. Our standards and the quality of our work is not lower, it is higher than our bigger competitors.

For that small bubbling rock or urn to a small version of Cumberland Falls, give me a holler when you decide on a pond, waterfall, stream or fountain in or anywhere near Central Kentucky. You can pay more, but you are not likely to get as much value for your money as you will when you give me a call.

The author is a landscaper specializing in waterfalls.